Commissions at the International Committee of Slavists – Status, Activities, Perspectives Cover Image

Komisie pri Medzinárodnom komitéte slavistov – postavenie a činnosť. Aktuálny stav a perspektívy
Commissions at the International Committee of Slavists – Status, Activities, Perspectives

Author(s): Peter Žeňuch
Subject(s): Language studies, Scientific Life
Published by: Slavistický ústav Jána Stanislava Slovenskej akadémie vied
Keywords: Slavic Studies; Commission at the International Commission of Slavists; Interdisciplinary Research;

Summary/Abstract: The International Committee of Slavists is comprised of representatives (typically chairmen) of national committees of Slavists and Slavistic organizations from around the world. Nowadays, the International Committee of Slavists is comprised of 42 countries, where systematic interdisciplinary Slavistic research is realized. The International Committee of Slavists therefore establishes commissions within its competence that fulfil main tasks of international Slavistic research of a wide spectrum of development cooperation of Slavistic linguistics, literary studies and cultural history of Slavs. International Slavistic research therefore belongs to the field of scientific disciplines that provide significant knowledge, insights and information on the development and current state, eventually also on the perspective of our national communities in their integration into the wide geopolitical space in light of philological, historical and social science research. Development and application of scientific research determine priorities related to identity and specifics of society, where Slavistic interdisciplinary comparative research is realized. Within the European science policy, Slavistic research represents an essential programmatic component as an integral part of recognition the contexts interacting development and sustaina-bility of Slavic languages and cultures as well as in relation to non-Slavic languages and cultures. The aim of these Slavistic researches is to deepen the knowledge, strengthen and consolidate cultural, linguistic and historical awareness among carriers of Slavic languages and cultures in order to preserve and reinforce their adherence to European traditional cultural values. Since 1958, 39 commissions have been working at the International Committee of Slavists. Representatives from different Slavic as well as non-Slavic countries participate in work of individual commissions, where they develop scientific research competence of diverse Slavistic research fields, current and necessary for a comprehensive knowledge of history, current state and development of Slavic languages, literatures and cultures. International interdisciplinary Slavistic research represents an integral part of European science policy. Hence, Slavistics as a scientific discipline cannot be considered a competitive environment, even in itself. Competitiveness in the concept of Slavistic re-search is fully reflected primarily in a large extent of acceptance of results in the wider national and international European context. Slavistic research thus fully participates in systematic and comprehensive recognition of European cultural memory through commis-sions established at the International Committee of Slavists.

  • Issue Year: 52/2017
  • Issue No: 2
  • Page Range: 150-161
  • Page Count: 12
  • Language: Slovak