The Birth of the Fire in the National Riddles  Cover Image
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Раждането на огъня в народните гатанки
The Birth of the Fire in the National Riddles

Author(s): Svetla Dzhivtereva
Subject(s): Anthropology
Published by: Асоциация за антропология, етнология и фолклористика ОНГЬЛ

Summary/Abstract: The Bulgarian national riddles realize the models of the folklore culture through which in the traditional society interpret, acquire and arrange the different occurrences in the picture of the world. Despite the centuries-old transformations in the mythopoetical system, these models can be definite and to be in use of reconstruction of archaic mythologems from the before Christian and early Christian epoch. It is taken notice of the national riddles about the fi re. The basic object in the research is the knowledge about the Bulgarian model for the world which is coded in it.