The mythoritual basis of the custom “Trample on chirepni”  Cover Image
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Миторитуална основа на обичая „Газене чирепни”
The mythoritual basis of the custom “Trample on chirepni”

Author(s): Svetla Dzhivtereva
Subject(s): Anthropology
Published by: Асоциация за антропология, етнология и фолклористика ОНГЬЛ

Summary/Abstract: The text is a part of a bigger work over the Bulgarian cosmology riddles. The basis line of its research is the coding of the calendar transition as marriage. Here it is studied in connection with the analysis of the riddles about “chirepna / podnica” (this is a traditional shallow clay utensil for baking of a bread etc. in oven) and “vrushnik” (a metal lid of the utensil) where the two things present metaphorical marriage couple: the earth which is covered by the sky. With proving of the thesis are used parallels with the rite “Trample on chirepni” (trample on with feet on the clay for making of utensils which is affixed to 1st May, St. Prop. Jeremiah) and “German” (ritualized obsequies / sacrifice of a male clay figure with phallus in erection for praying of a rain which is connected with the same day on many places). The accent in the rite for rain “German” is put over the “death” – this is due to its better covered protective functions. They are also a part of the mythoritual conception of the rite “Trample on chirepni” but the accent in it is over “life” – the change of the clay into receptacle for the bread respectively the life by means of the ritual reiteration of the first marriage between the god of sky and the goddess of the earth.