Gradina Kolojanje - Meetingplace of the masters of Neretva Cover Image

Gradina na Kolojanju - sijelo gospodara donje Neretve
Gradina Kolojanje - Meetingplace of the masters of Neretva

Author(s): Snježana Vasilj
Subject(s): Archaeology
Published by: Akademija Nauka i Umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine

Summary/Abstract: In the hinterlands of the Neum municipality there are remains of an impressive hilltop settlement (gradina) about 380 m long and 170 wide and placed on the high plateau above the Hutovo blato and delta of Neretva River close to the Kolojanj village. It is a complex type of gradina with six areas encircled with walls which were protected by the strong fortification system. In this complex are clearly visible: approaching area with the complicated entrance and city dominance. The entrance was placed on the left side from the wall line. It was protected by the ISTAKA on the left side and towers which are still visible. City dominance is the most prominent point of the gradina, as well as the most significant area for the whole community. It has a shape of the ring wall od 43 meters in diameter and it is made out of the chopped stones. By its prominent placement gradina ensured the control of the wide area: lower Neretva , mouth of the river, channel of Neretva and maritime passage to Pelješac peninsula and Hvar, area of Hutovo blato, communications to Popovo polje, Neum and Ošaniči (Daorson) as well as to Neretva river northern from Čapljina and river Trebižat on the west. Special attention have to be paid to it role in the context of lower Neretva and its mouth since many important routes were leading trought this area to the hinterlands there during the last centuries BC. Many discovered sites confirm this thesis. The Desilo lake is promoted as an important harbour along with the sites Tasovčići, Doljani, Dračevo. We also have to emphasize its strategic importance for the period of the Roman military activities in this area, especially in the last decades of the old era, where it makes an important part in the system of defence. Actually it plays a bridgehead between Romans and their allies Daorsi and bellicose Delmati on the other side.

  • Issue Year: 2014
  • Issue No: 43
  • Page Range: 101-111
  • Page Count: 11
  • Language: Croatian