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Godišnjak Centra za balkanološka ispitivanja
Yearbook of the Centre for Balkan Studies

Publishing House: Akademija Nauka i Umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine
Subject(s): History, Social Sciences, Language and Literature Studies
Frequency: 1 issues
ISSN: 0350-0020
Status: Active

  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • Issue No. 40
  • Issue No. 41
  • Issue No. 42
  • Issue No. 43
  • Issue No. 44
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Short Description

GODIŠNJAK/JAHRBUCH is journal of the Centre for Balkan Studies of Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is published from 1957. First (I) and second (II) volume were published by Institute for Balkan Studies of the Scientific Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and from 1965. (III/1) publisher is Centre for Balkan Studies. GODIŠNJAK/JAHRBUCH is regular annual publication with multidisciplinary character which publishes articles and contributions of the members and associates of the Centre as well as the experts from different parts of the world. GODIŠNJAK/JAHRBUCH publishes scientific articles from the field of archaeology, history, anthropology, linguistics and ethnology. Articles are published in Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian, English, German, Russian, Italian etc. with summaries in English language.