The US-Mexican Border and Contemporary American Immigration Policy Cover Image

The US-Mexican Border and Contemporary American Immigration Policy
The US-Mexican Border and Contemporary American Immigration Policy

Author(s): Anna Bartnik
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Politics, Social Sciences, Sociology, Health and medicine and law, Migration Studies, Asylum, Refugees, Migration as Policy-fields
Published by: KSIĘGARNIA AKADEMICKA Sp. z o.o.
Keywords: immigration; the wall; irregular migration; unaccompanied minors; Covid‑19; border policy

Summary/Abstract: There have been several periods in American history that are referred to as turbulent times. They were characterized by a wide range of changes that happened to respond to issues that brought anxiety, threat, discontent, or trouble. Donald Trump’s presidency and the Covid‑19 pandemic significantly influenced American immigration policy and the lives of immigrants. The present article pays special attention to the Mexican‑American border. This area plays a crucial role in migration studies focusing on the Americas for at least two reasons: international relations between Mexico (and the Latin American region) and the United States, and homeland security issues related to irregular and regular migrant flows. This study aims to determine what changes have been implemented in border policy, investigate why they occurred, and finally, discuss their results. The article analyzes the most challenging issues characteristic of the situation of unaccompanied minor migrants, the concept of Trump’s wall or the ‘remain in Mexico’ program. The US‑Mexican border studies have played a crucial role in research dedicated to American immigration policy since its inception. Today, it is also an area of concern and special attention is paid to this region due to the dynamics of processes taking place at the border. The work presented here discusses and highlights the most turbulent issues that echoed not only in the United States but also worldwide.

  • Issue Year: 19/2022
  • Issue No: 81
  • Page Range: 235-252
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: English