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Revistë Mikste Debatike për Çështje Shoqërore, Politikë, Kulturë Dhe Letërsi
Mixed Review

Publishing House: Qendra Për Studime Humanistike »Gani Bobi« Prishtinë
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences
Frequency: irregular and other
Status: Ceased Publication

  • 1996
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2009
  • Issue No. 05
  • Issue No. 03
  • Issue No. 04-05
  • Issue No. 06-07
  • Issue No. 08-09
  • Issue No. 10-11-12
  • Issue No. 01
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Short Description

"REVISTE MIKSTE", without doubt, was the most ambitious periodical published during the 1990’s in Kosovo (with narrow links to Tirana). Its highly ambitious content was well supported by strong and high quality efforts in its graphics and publishing design. "REVISTE MIKSTE" published texts from both foreign and native Kosovar authors, reflecting international trends in arts, literature and social sciences as well as the horrid situation in Kosovo itself and the Balkans in general, while this part of former Yugoslavia in the public opinion abroad was mainly conceived as a region yet spared from war. First Edition : 1995-1998 Second Edition : 2004-2005 Third Edition : 2009- Until 1998 the journal was published by Dukagjini Publishing House. Since 2004, the periodical is published by Center for Humanistic Studies "Gani Bobi" Prishtina /Qendra Për Studime Humanistike “Gani Bobi” Prishtinë Impression from 1996: "The RM aspires to cultivate open and critical thought, to reflect the transition processes in Albanian society, to present and to evaluate contemporary ideas and theories in social sciences, arts and literature, and to encourage and support the young Albanian thinkers, writers and translators." Editor in Chief: Shkëlzen Maliqi Editorial Board in Prishtinë: Naton Berishaj, Astrit Salihu, Fadil Bajrai, Migjen Kelmendi, Mufail Limani Editorial Board in Tiranë: Remzi Lani, Artan Fuga, Bashkim Shehu, Çapajev Gjokutai, Piro Misha Design: Maksut Vezgishi

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