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Studia Pedagogiczne. Problemy Społeczne, Edukacyjne i Artystyczne
Pedagogical Studies. Social, Educational and Art Problems

Publishing House: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jana Kochanowskiego
Subject(s): Social Sciences
Frequency: 2 issues
ISSN: 2083-179X
Status: Active

  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • Issue No. 21/21
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Short Description

The journal of pedagogical studies as well as social and educational issues. The journal features a wide range of important contemporary subjects related to pedagogy, philosophy, psychology, sociology and art education.
We publish articles that seek to provoke:

national and European discussion on the current state of the humanities, social sciences, pedagogy, as well as on the impact of contemporary changes in social and pedagogical disciplines on educational practices;
review of local educational, pedagogical, social and art education problems in the context of modern cultural tendencies;
interdisciplinary and overall view of various pedagogical issues.
Our mission is to create a publication that provokes thought and sparks academic discussion focused on educational matters. Continuing efforts have been made by the editorial board members to maintain the high quality of the journal. A special attention has been focused therefore on the novelty and diversity of articles. National and international authors are welcome to submit their manuscripts.

Editorial board

Editorial committee

Bożena Matyjas -
Vice-Editor-in-Chief:Paulina Forma -
Administrative Assistant:Małgorzata Stawiak-Ososińska -

Submission guidelines

1. When submitting a manuscript, the author must af
firm that the material has been neither
published nor submitted for publication elsewhere.
2. Manuscripts must contain original material and m
ust be carefully prepared according to the
guidelines for manuscript preparation (template_eng
lish.doc, template_english.pdf).
3. Authors may suggest the names of possible review
ers (2 - 3 persons), senior academic staff
members, representatives of related sciences.
4. Manuscripts with the Author statement (scanned)
should be sent to the editorial office at
Title page
(the first page of manuscript) shoul contain the fo
llowing elements:

full names of all authors,

authors’ affiliation and affiliation addresses,

e-mail address and phone number of corresponding au

title reflecting the content of the manuscript,

academic discipline

type of manuscript (article, announcement etc.)
Main text
(12 Times New Roman) should include the following
elements (and begin on a new page
that is numbered as
page 2

title of the manuscript in Polish,

title of the manuscript in English (if the manuscri
pt is written in Russian language, the title
is in Russian and English),

the main text of the manuscript,

references (begin this section by the word: Bibliog
rafia in Polish, References in English,
Список литературы in Russian,

keywords in Polish,

keywords in English (if the study is written in Rus
sian language, keywords are in Russian
and English).
An abstract
is between 120 and 250 words and highlights the maj
or points covered in the
manuscript. Written in impersonal style, the abstra
ct concisely describes its content, reviews the
purpose of the study and identifies its results. Th
e abstract doesn’t include abbreviations or
reference material.
Please suggest 6 – 10 keywords which will enable th
e full text of the study to be
searchable in database.
In-text citation guidelines.
The last name of the author and the year of publica
tion are inserted in
the text at the appropriate point, e.g.

The concept of art psychology is a part of psycholo
gy (Popek 2010).

The syndrome of burnout was examined by Maslach and
Jackson (1995).

The impact of this phenomenon was thoroughly examin
ed (Abbott 1991; Barakat et al.
1995; Kelso and Smith 1998; Medvec et al. 1999).
Works by the same author with the same publication
date should be identified by the suffixes a, b,
and so forth, after the year of publication e.g. Ma
slach 2000a, Maslach 2000b etc.
cited in the text of a research paper must appear
in a Reference List or References.
Works referred to in the text must be already publi
shed or accepted for publication. All references
are in alphabetical order and not numbered. The las
t name appears first, followed by the initials.
References must include the following elements:

articles in journals, magazines, newspapers
Harris M., Karper E., Stacks G., Hoffman D., DeNiro
R., Cruz P., et al. (2001), Writing labs and the
Hollywood connection, „Journal of Film Writing”, 4
4(3), pp. 213–245.
Author(s) last name Initial(s), (date of publicatio
n), Article title, “Journal title”, volume
number (issue number if applicable), page numbers.

articles with DOI
Slifka M. K., Whitton J. L. (2000), Clinical implic
ations of dysregulated cytokine production,
„Journal of Molecular Medicine”, doi:10.1007/s00109
Author(s) last name Initial(s), (date of publicatio
n), Article title, “Journal title”, doi: number

Calfee R.C., Valencia R.R. (1991), APA guide to pre
paring manuscripts for journal publication,
Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.
Author(s) last name Initial(s), (date of publicatio
n), Book title, Place of publication: the Name
of the publisher.

chapters in books
O’Neil J. M., Egan J. (1992), Men’s and women’s ge
nder role journeys: Metaphor for healing,
transition, and transformation. In: B.R. Wainrib (E
d.), Gender issues across the life cycle (pp.
107–123), New York: Springer.
Author(s) last name Initial(s), (date of publicatio
n), Chapter title. In: Initial(s) Last name (Ed.),
Book title (page numbers), Place of publication: th
e Name of the publisher.

document online (no DOI)
Abou-Allaban Y., Dell M.L., Greenberg W., Lomax J.,
Peteet J., Torres M., Cowell V. (2006),
Religious/spiritual commitments and psychiatric pra
ctice, Resource document, American
Psychiatric Association,
ther_res/200604.pdf. Accessed 25 June
Author(s) last name Initial(s) (date of publication
), Document title, portal, URL, access data.