Analytical aspects of institutional bilingualism Cover Image

Reperele analitice ale bilingvismului instituţional
Analytical aspects of institutional bilingualism

Author(s): Erika-Mária Tódor
Subject(s): Language acquisition, School education, Sociology of Education, Pedagogy
Published by: ISPMN Institutul pentru Studierea Problemelor Minorităţilor Naţionale
Keywords: Institutional bilinualism; School structures in Romania; Education policy; School-life practice; Language learning;
Summary/Abstract: The present study deals with institutional bilingualism in the context of school structures in Romania where the language of teaching is different from Romanian. The conclusions of the paper show a few possible directions to follow in the context of conceiving an educational policy in which the linguistic alterity represents a natural element to be taken into consideration when considering the qualitative aspects of organisational structures.

  • Page Count: 33
  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: English, Romanian