About the Experience of Death in Eda Ostrowska’s Poetry Cover Image

O doświadczeniu śmierci w poezji Edy Ostrowskiej
About the Experience of Death in Eda Ostrowska’s Poetry

Author(s): Katarzyna Niesporek-Klanowska
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Studies of Literature, Polish Literature
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
Keywords: experience of death;Eda Ostrowska;poetry
Summary/Abstract: Eda Ostrowska is a poet who contemplates death of her life. In the words of Stefan Chwin from the book Suicide as an Experience of Imagination, Ostrowska knows too much about the dark side of life, sees what she shouldn’t, strongly feels the pain and exceeds the designated limit of the risk. Ostrowska is rejected by society as a genuine stranger, the outsider still thinking about death. She has a strong awareness of dying, obvious transience which she expresses not only in the poetry but also in the diary I Stand in Front of You in the Body Rain. Lonely, misunderstood by people Ostrowska is living, but constantly dying. Convinced of the value of being on the other side but not having the courage to end up with her life, she finds narcotic alternative spaces which allow her to exist on the edge, to dice with death and life.

  • Page Range: 201-214
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: English, Polish