On Proto-National Identity of Juraj Baraković in the History of Literature Cover Image
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O protonacionalnom identitetu Jurja Barakovića u povijesti književnosti
On Proto-National Identity of Juraj Baraković in the History of Literature

Author(s): Divna Mrdeža Antonina
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Studies of Literature, Theory of Literature
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: Juraj Baraković; Vila Slovinka; ideologemes; premodern identity
Summary/Abstract: In the context of earlier Croatian literature, Juraj Baraković’s Vila Slovinka achieved the status of a part of the literary canon largely due to a highly evaluated patriotic note in the literary-historiographical narrative. This article evaluates the modes and paths towards attaining the current position of this work in the traditional culture. Former insights are challenged and expanded by new ones with regard to the humanistic and post-Trent culture, which the author apostrophized and inscribed in the construction of Slavic/Illyrianideologemes. Baraković’s concept of proto-national identity primarily entails the affiliationto the culture of Catholic Restoration from the post-Trent period, late-humanist culture,especially the ecclesiastical discourse of the period which promoted both Christianityand the nation into an indivisible concept of resistance against the Ottomans. InVila Slovinka, the topic of national origin, territorial prevalence and language is complemented by the concept of humanistic virtue, formed in exemplars of anti-Turkish heroes and national saints, as well as in antipodal exemplars of liars and traitors that serve toemphasize virtue. Thus stratified, the national ideologem indicates Baraković’s work asincorporated in the historiographical narrative of the Early Modern Era, as well as thatthe author’s discourse had been propulsive towards everyday cultural life, that is towardsthe political, cultural and patrons-private relations within the literary field. The complexityof the subject of humanistic patriotism in Vila Slovinka legibly entails a distinctivediscourse of an eclectic genre of a panegyrical poem and Christian-humanistic exempla.