About Some Facets and Possibilities of Contemporary Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Past Revision Cover Image
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O nekim aspektima i mogućnostima revizije bosanskohercegovačke prošlosti
About Some Facets and Possibilities of Contemporary Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Past Revision

Author(s): Azem Kožar
Subject(s): History, Recent History (1900 till today), Special Historiographies:, Historical revisionism
Published by: Institut za istoriju
Summary/Abstract: Cover-up (concealment) of the historic truth for the sake of “higher interests” of own party, nation, political option, is one of the most important root-causes for the war conflicts among the Yugoslav peoples in the period 1991-1999. In the days of the Socialist Yugoslavia such an approach was, in certain amount, was determined by the Yugoslavia’s Communist Party leadership (Union of Yugoslavia’s Communists) even though it rated it to be condemned in conflict resolution in the Yugoslav society. Also, the Party conducted these premises through the institutions of culture and science, all of which left trace on their overall vocational and scientific results. At the time of dissolution of the socialist Yugoslavia, the nationalistic civil and military structures undertook a number of activities in order to wipe out the written evidence about their practice. After the war, their “merit” was not to have in place the national systems of protection of the culture pieces as sorted (as the reference point), compatible with the international regulations. These new modes of cover-up of the historical truth are being transformed into the “enclosed national systems”, directly and absolutely confronted to the need of obtaining the scientific perception regarding the war and other dissolution occurrences. Even the international community (UNESCO, European Union, etc.) have not recognized the full weight of these acts to the possibility of finding out the scientific truth, in the sphere of historiography and other scientific disciplines. By doing so, advisedly or not, narrows down the possibility of finding the scientific truth about the causes of South Slavic conflicts, contributing to resumption of existing and emanating of the new conflicts with even more pernicious consequences. Basically, all of these means that the creation of the certain presumptions to revise scientifically the past - the period of the socialistic Yugoslavia dissolution is a very complex issue, not to mention the relatively short time span, making this matter more political and less scientific issue. Nevertheless, the fact that this is still the “hot cookie”, i.e. it still might be compensated, collected and preserved from destruction, the significant portion of the primary historic sources, above all the archival material, should have the mobilizing effect on all the progressive forces in the science and society in general, to urgently start with making and realization of the concrete scientific projects of historiographical and multidisciplinary character.

  • Page Range: 265-274
  • Page Count: 10
  • Publication Year: 2007
  • Language: Bosnian