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100 of the most pressing Issues in the Republic of Moldova in 2007
100 of the most pressing Issues in the Republic of Moldova in 2007

Author(s): Ion Marandici, Dumitru Lazur, Ion Guzun, Stela Guzun, Nadejda Caprar, Diana Cheianu-Andrei, Olesea Cruc, Alexandru Lesanu
Contributor(s): Ghenadie Movano (Editor)
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, History, Civil Society, Governance, Public Administration, Special Historiographies:, Post-Communist Transformation
Published by: IDIS VIITORUL Institutul pentru Dezoltare şi Initiative Sociale
Keywords: EU Action Plan for Moldova; Civic or Parish culture; identity politics; intimidation of journalists; Budgetary crisis;
Summary/Abstract: The peculiarity of 2007 was the fact that it was the last year of the implementation of the EU Action Plan by the Republic of Moldova facing a severe drought. In 2006, the authorities of the Republic of Moldova had put forth the efforts to convince the European officials and the western partners of the possibilities of the country to implement the stipulations of the Action Plan RM-EU, the efforts have been materialized by the creating and sending reports regarding the implementation of the RM-EU AP. In 2007, the Moldovan authorities are facing the situation when they have to prove to the citizens and to themselves that the implementation of the Action Plan RM-EU did not represent just efforts but also clear results in bringing Moldova closer to EU. Or the implementation of this very document represented a capacity and availability test of the Republic of Moldova to approach the European Union. // This smart product offers comparative and analytical elements for the adoption of some superior techniques of evaluation of some decisions that involve important costs for our society. Meanwhile, the intention of the authors of this study is to encourage critical thinking and comparative approach regarding drafting of efficient and effective public policies as well as qualitative growth of the level of public debates on these issues of interest.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-9975-80-021-1
  • Page Count: 237
  • Publication Year: 2007
  • Language: English