A Dictionary of Silesian Dialects, volume I (A-BECZKA) Cover Image
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Słownik Gwar Śląskich, tom I (A - BECZKA)
A Dictionary of Silesian Dialects, volume I (A-BECZKA)

Author(s): Bogusław Wyderka, Beata Jahołkowska, Małgorzata Iżykowska, Krzysztof Kleszcz, Lidia Przymuszała
Contributor(s): Bogusław Wyderka (Editor)
Subject(s): Language studies, Language and Literature Studies, Theoretical Linguistics, Phonetics / Phonology, Semantics, Historical Linguistics, Comparative Linguistics, Western Slavic Languages
Published by: Instytut Śląski
Keywords: Silesian Dialect;Dictionary;Dictionary of Silesian Dialects; dictionary; dialect
Summary/Abstract: "Glossary of Silesian Dialects" is the result of many years of scientific work of several generations of linguists from the Silesian Institute in Opole, Poland.

  • Print-ISBN-10: 83-7126-137-3
  • Page Count: 563
  • Publication Year: 2000
  • Language: Polish