The Ageing of Ukraine’s Population: Demographic Trends, Social and Economic Implications Cover Image
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Starzenie się ludności Ukrainy. Trendy demograficzne, implikacje społeczne i gospodarcze
The Ageing of Ukraine’s Population: Demographic Trends, Social and Economic Implications

Author(s): Roman Tesliuk, Vitaliy Krupin
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Geography, Regional studies, Agriculture, Rural and urban sociology
Published by: Instytut Rozwoju Wsi i Rolnictwa Polskiej Akademii Nauk
Keywords: demographics; ageing; demographic dependency; potential support ratio; population pyramid; Ukraine

Summary/Abstract: The article aims to understand key demographic trends in the past 30 yearsin Ukraine in terms of ageing. The particular focus is on differences between urban andrural population in order to understand the possible social and economic implicationsof ageing. The research considers national trends and regional disparities, presenting the keydemographic indicators for both. These indicators include the dynamics of populationwith regard to age groups, demographic dependency, average age, potential support ratio,life expectancy at birth and the changes in the age-sex structure. Analysis reveals a steadyageing trend in the past 30 years, a result of the decrease in fertility and gradual shrinkingof the population group aged 0–14 (from 21.6 to 15.5 million) and the simultaneousexpansion of the elderly (65+) group (from 11.7 to 16.5 million). The total fertility ratehas a downward trend reaching 1.37 (compared to 1.94 in 1989) and the average agehas risen to 41.3 years. While similar trends are present for both the urban and ruralpopulations regarding the changes in age groups, and in recent years the differences havebeen decreasing, in case of the life expectancy at birth these differences are still present,especially for males. Depopulation trends in Ukraine are also intensified by emigrationprocesses. As there are social and economic challenges due to demographic ageing, lowlife expectancy is a constraint on a further increase in pensionable age.

  • Issue Year: 184/2019
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 121-135
  • Page Count: 15
  • Language: English