The Campaign оf Alexander III Against the Triballoi in Scythia during 335 B.C. Cover Image
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Кампанията на Александър III срещу трибалите в Скития през 335 г.пр.Хр.
The Campaign оf Alexander III Against the Triballoi in Scythia during 335 B.C.

Author(s): Plamen Petkov
Subject(s): History, Military history, Political history, Ancient World
Published by: Институт за балканистика с Център по тракология - Българска академия на науките
Keywords: Triballoi; Agrianes; Thracians; Thracians; Autariata; Scythia; Alexander III

Summary/Abstract: According to Strabo, the Autariataе, having defeated the Triballoi from the Agrianes to the Istros, within 15-days distance, imposed their domination over the rest of the Thracians and the Illyrians. The author indicates the Autariataе as the most numerous and most powerful Illyrian people, who managed to impose its power on the Triballoi and on the other Thracians and Thracians. But Arrian points that about 335 B.C. the Autariataе were not quite important in terms of military force, and during the following about twenty years they were not able to create it. Therefore the hegemony of the Autariataе refers to the time before the campaigns of Philip II in 339 B.C. and of Alexander III in 335 B.C. The domination of the Autariataе over the territory around Sofia and north of the Haemus Mountains did not last long, as around the middle of the 4th century B.C., under the pressure of the Celts, the Autariataе lost their power over the Thracian people in the valley of the Oescus river. Meanwhile, the Triballoi were at war against the Scythian ruler Ateas in Scythia Minor. After the murder of Ateas by Philip II and the destruction by him of the Scythian political formation on the south of the river in 339 B.C., the Triballoi imposed their domination along the entire right side of Lower Istros between 339 and 335 B.C. They have been evidenced there during the military campaign of Alexander III in Thrace. Plutarch (or Pseudo-Plutarch) and Orosius provide evidence that in 335 B.C. Alexander III reached Danubian Scythia, where he was at war against the Triballoi.

  • Issue Year: 2018
  • Issue No: 23
  • Page Range: 117-139
  • Page Count: 23
  • Language: English, Bulgarian