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Năsăud in 1869: Between the Rural and the Urban
Năsăud in 1869: Between the Rural and the Urban

Author(s): Ioan Bolovan, Sorina Bolovan, Viorel Rus, Adrian Onofreiu
Subject(s): History
Published by: Centrul de Studiere a Populaţiei
Keywords: Transylvania; demographic aspects; 1869 census; Năsăud; urbanization

Summary/Abstract: Relying mostly on statistical data provided by the 1869 census but also on specialized literature, the authors retrace the main characteristics of the town of Năsăud at the end of the seventh decade of the nineteenth century. Data refer to the demographic, denominational and professional structure of the town in the above mentioned period. The authors analyze this data explaining them in terms of local realities as well as general factors, that is socioeconomic tendencies in the respective period of Transylvanian history. They also explain the relationship between the urban space under analysis and th surrounding rural area, showing that a good deal of demographic and economic developments are directly interrelated. This mutual conditioning is due not only to the macro-economic context of the period but also to the geographical, ethnic and denominational particularities and * In this article, we shall valorise a part of the original material from the 1869 Census regarding Năsăud, which we published in the book: Ioan Bolovan, Adrian Onofreiu, Viorel Rus, Familiile din Năsăud în anul 1869. ContribuŃii de demografie istorică, Cluj-Napoca, Argonaut, 2010, 484 pages. ** This work was supported by CNCS – UEFISCDI, project number PN II – IDEI code 2353/2009, director Lector dr. Sorina Paula Bolovan. Population and Economy. Rural and Urban Instances · 87 especially to the status held by the town and region in previous decades when the latter was part of the Austrian military border constituted in the second half of the eighteenth century and dissolved in 1851.

  • Issue Year: 5/2011
  • Issue No: Supplement
  • Page Range: 86-95
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  • Language: English