The present and the past of Kosovo through the dictionary: “Shtresimet leksikore” [lexic stratification] Cover Image
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E tashmja dhe e shkuara e Kosovës përmes fjalorit: Shtresimet leksikore
The present and the past of Kosovo through the dictionary: “Shtresimet leksikore” [lexic stratification]

Author(s): Qemal Murati
Subject(s): Language studies, Lexis, Semantics, Sociolinguistics
Published by: Instituti Albanologjik i Prishtinës

Summary/Abstract: In sub-dialects of Kosovo linguistic areal there is preserved a rich and self-supporting fund of words, lexical and idiom units, clause and fixed word expressions, showing the linguistic vitality and antiquity of not only this region, but the entire Albanian language. In lexical corpus of the Kosovo Albanian spoken varieties comes out that there are used autonomous words of Albanian origin, as well as borrowed lexical elements from Serbian, Turkish etc., that are of interest for the enrichment of literary Albanian and for the language history. Characteristic of Kosovar spoken varieties is the lack of many pan Albanian words, such as: brez, brekë, groshë, gjel, lejlek, derr, vathë, bar, litar, rrufe, shkul (ujë shkul), tërfonjë, tërmet, krahnor/ kraharor, petka, shkop, intead of which are used: shokë, t’lina, pasul, knus, kajûsh, thi, torishtë, sanë, kanop, rê, detelinë, zerzele / u dridh toka, gjoks, tesha, shtagë, most of them originating from Serbian or turkish. The word derr [pig] is used only in the fixed expressions: Derrku i thiut (Vushtrri). Then in Kosovo is noticed also the lack of the number dyzet[two twenties], that exists in South and Middle Albania, and is quite old. Kosovo dialect has replaced this with the number katërdhēt[four tens/forty]. In sociolinguistic plane are also of interest some linguistic elements or exclamations that are used differently by men and women; such as: Përzo (abbreviation - për zotin/god sake) – meaning “really” (in men’s speech): “Përzo me erdh mir që filani kish hi n’pun, kish krye shkollën”; while in women’s speech përzë(t): “Përzë(t) mori shoqe, boll u gzova çë t’i kish le rejes djalë”. Whereas, in the field of morphology a main feature is the usage of infinitive, but beside this sporadically in all Kosovo sub-dialects is also used subjunctive.

  • Issue Year: 2016
  • Issue No: 46
  • Page Range: 179-196
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Albanian