Educational web-technologies in training bachelors and masters of pedagogical education Cover Image

Образовательные web-технологии в подготовке бакалавров и магистров педагогического образования
Educational web-technologies in training bachelors and masters of pedagogical education

Author(s): Timur Gadzhievich Vezirov, Ekaterina Alekseevna Kostina
Subject(s): Education, Higher Education
Published by: Новосибирский государственный педагогический университет
Keywords: Educational Web-technologies; Bachelor and Master training; pedagogical education; educational electronical editions; information-communication subject environment; Web-portfolio

Summary/Abstract: The paper presents a survey of the main ideas of informatisation of pedagogical education where at present Web-technologies hold a specific place. The aim of the paper is to theoret-ically prove and demonstrate the practical realization of educational Web-technologies with the examples of electronical editions and Web-portfolio in the process of teaching bachelors and masters of pedagogical education under the conditions of information-communication subject environment of a higher educational institution. One of the components of this environment is electronical educational editions worked out on the basis of Web-technologies. In the paper the authors speak about the electronic education editions worked out by the students of the master major professional educational programme “Information and Communication Technologies in Education”; these editions are used both while teaching students the elective courses of bachelor and master curricula and during the period of their teaching practice in educational institutions. Special attention is paid to the electronical resources “Regional Studies of Arabic Countries” and “English and Country Studies”, which are used while teach-ing foreign languages, in particular during the process of teaching either a compulsory or an elective course “Country Studies”.The next component of educational Web-technologies is creating Web-portfolio, which is important in realizing information-communication environment of a pedagogical higher educational institution. For holding Web-portfolio there has been created an educational web-site including information about master students, author electronical educational material, power point presentations, master dissertation abstracts. In conclusion they emphasize that practical papers done by master students during the process of their studies at a pedagogical University is the most important way of developing professional competence of students, and the use of these papers in secondary educational institutions clearly demonstrate the demand for an intellectual product of this sort and the effective cooperation of pedagogical science with the system of main general education.