Students’ academic mobility in the Russian educational environment Cover Image

Студенческая академическая мобильность в российской образовательной среде
Students’ academic mobility in the Russian educational environment

Author(s): Aleksandr Mikhailovich Egorychev, Svetlana Petrovna Khoroshilova, Olesya Andreevna Sklyominav, Ekaterina Sergeevna Minakova, Ekaterina Alekseevna Kostina
Subject(s): Education, Higher Education
Published by: Новосибирский государственный педагогический университет
Keywords: Students’ academic mobility; global educational environment

Summary/Abstract: The article highlights the situation with the academic mobility of students in the Russian Federation. The methods employed in the current research combine analysis and comparison. According to the Bologna declaration students’ academic mobility is one of the key criteria of the quality of high education. Since Russia joined the Bologna process, the situation in the country with the opportunity to study in a foreign partner-organization has significantly improved, compared with the 1990s. The authors present the results of the comparative analysis of students’ academic mobility at certain Universities of Russia. The researchers also point out the problems existing in the process of building academic mobility of Russian students. The successful experience of realizing academic mobility programmes abroad being analyzed, a number of steps to be taken in the Russian Federation to improve the situation with the academic mobility are offered, the significance of creating academic mobility infrastructure in Russia is described. In conclusion the authors emphasize the national challenges for Russia to focus on to enable integration of Russian students into the global educational environment.