Psychological and pedagogical approaches to the notion of “social maturity of a personality” in foreign and Russian sciences Cover Image

Психолого-педагогические подходы к понятию «социальная зрелость личности» в зарубежной и отечественной науках
Psychological and pedagogical approaches to the notion of “social maturity of a personality” in foreign and Russian sciences

Author(s): Lyubov Alekseevna Kalashnikova, Ekaterina Alekseevna Kostina
Subject(s): Individual Psychology, Psychology of Self, Social development
Published by: Новосибирский государственный педагогический университет
Keywords: Social maturity of a personality; national educational tradition; social formation; upbringing; qualities of a mature personality; socio-cultural environment

Summary/Abstract: In the paper the authors analyze approaches to the formation of social maturity of a personality in Russian and foreign psychology and education studies. The purpose of the research is to reason the choice of the phenomenon of social maturity of a personality as an integral quality characteristic of a personality, characteristic showing that the personality is socially formed. The researchers examine social maturity models in psychology and education studies, point out the traits of a socially mature personality from the point of view of the theories and concepts under study. A special emphasis is laid on the role of upbringing in forming the basis of social maturity of a personality in the Russian education studies, on the realization of a peculiar national educational tradition, the essence of which is the following: upbringing always determines education and social maturity of Russian people is directly connected with their preparation for labour and serving the Motherland. At the same time the process of forming social maturity is the process of upbringing the youth where spirituality and morality are the dominating factors. On the other hand, the authors stress the understanding of personality formation in western culture as planned, staged social learning, inlife formation of personality traits. Personality formation is influenced both by hereditary background and environment. They also define social maturity as getting out of the bounds of one’s social environment and striving for actions. In the paper one can see the authors’ model of the system of basic qualities peculiar for the socially mature personality of a secondary school pupil and reasoning of the notion “social maturity of a personality” as a level and quality criterion of its development. They researchers come to the conclusion that social development of a personality is a natural and regular phe-nomenon, characteristic for a person who is within the sociocultural environment since birth and this very environment is the main engine of social development, which is a must in the process of forming a personality with a high level of social maturity.