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Temporal Expressions in Polish Corpus KPWr
Temporal Expressions in Polish Corpus KPWr

Author(s): Jan Kocoń, Michał Marcińczuk, Marcin Oleksy, Tomasz Bernaś, Michał Wolski
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Theoretical Linguistics
Published by: Instytut Slawistyki Polskiej Akademii Nauk
Keywords: PLIMEX; TIMEX; temporal expressions; TimeML; machine learning; natural language processing; information extraction

Summary/Abstract: This article presents the result of the recent research in the interpretation of Polish expressions that refer to time. These expressions are the source of information when something happens, how often something occurs or how long something lasts. Temporal information, which can be extracted from text automatically, plays significant role in many information extraction systems, such as question answering, discourse analysis, event recognition and many more. We prepared PLIMEX — a broad description of Polish temporal expressions with annotation guidelines, based on the state-of-the-art solutions for English, mainly TimeML specification. We also adapted the solution to capture the local semantics of temporal expressions, called LTIMEX. Temporal description also supports further event identification and extends event description model, focusing at anchoring events in time, ordering events and reasoning about the persistence of events. We prepared the specification, which is designed to address these issues and we annotated all documents in Polish Corpus of Wroclaw University of Technology (KPWr) using our annotation guidelines.

  • Issue Year: 2015
  • Issue No: 15
  • Page Range: 293-317
  • Page Count: 25
  • Language: English
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