Interview with the priest Alexandru Capotă (1919-2012) (fragment) Cover Image

Fragment de interviu cu preotul Alexandru Capotă (1919-2012)
Interview with the priest Alexandru Capotă (1919-2012) (fragment)

Author(s): George Enache
Subject(s): History
Published by: Galaţi University Press
Keywords: oral history; Romania; Communism; labor camps; Alexandru Capotă

Summary/Abstract: The Eastern-Orthodox priest Alexandru Capotă (born on January 27th, 1919 in Cudalbi, Galaţi County; deceased during the month of April, 2012), had been a towering figure among the ancient political prisoners of Galaţi County. He was arrested by the Communist regime in January 1957 and had been detained until 1962 in the labor camps of the Danube-Black Sea Canal and the Danube Delta: Grindu, Periprava, 9 Culmea. After 1989, he was involved in the political organization of the ancient political prisoners, and during the years 2001-2004 he acted as the President of the Romanian Federation of the ancient political prisoners and anti-communist fighters. These pages constitute a part of a comprehensive interview given by the priest Capotă, referring to the period of his arrest, his detention, and the events experienced after his released from jail. The interview includes precious informations about the day to day life in the Communist labor camps, the personalities encountered by the priest Capotă in the Communist prisons, and the manner in which the Communist regime dealt with the Christian priests.

  • Issue Year: 2012
  • Issue No: 11
  • Page Range: 295-345
  • Page Count: 51
  • Language: Romanian
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