Romanian Teachers at the Austrian University in Chernivtsi (1875-1919) Cover Image
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Profesorii români de la Universitatea austriacă din Cernăuţi (1875-1919)
Romanian Teachers at the Austrian University in Chernivtsi (1875-1919)

Author(s): Constantin Ungureanu
Subject(s): History
Published by: Institutul de Cercetări Socio-Umane Gheorghe Şincai al Academiei Române
Keywords: the German University in Chernivtsi; Austria’s annexation of Bukovina; dissipation of German culture; Constantin Tomasciuc

Summary/Abstract: The festive inauguration of the German University in Chernivtsi was held on 4 October 1875, after 100 years from Austria’s annexation of Bukovina. This was the fifth German University in Austria (besides the universities in Vienna, Prague, Graz and Innsbruck). This institution of high education in Chernivtsi was meant to dissipate German language, culture and science in this part of the empire. The first rector of the University of Chernivtsi was the Romanian Constantin Tomasciuc. It is worth mentioning that the university rectors and deans were elected with no ethnic or confessional restrictions. From its beginnings up to 1912, 44 rectors have been elected, out of which 22 were Germans, and 11 were Romanians, 9 Jews and 2 Ukrainians.

  • Issue Year: 2006
  • Issue No: 08+09
  • Page Range: 90-103
  • Page Count: 14
  • Language: Romanian