The Analysis of Vojvodina Residents Sufferings in World War II Cover Image

Pregled stradanja stanovništva Vojvodine u Drugom svetskom ratu
The Analysis of Vojvodina Residents Sufferings in World War II

Author(s): Dragan Cvetković
Subject(s): History
Published by: Institut za savremenu istoriju, Beograd
Keywords: victims; Vojvodina; sufferings; war; 1941–1945;

Summary/Abstract: The data, shown here, represented an attempt to illustrate sufferings of the citizens in Vojvodina, on the basis of the partly revised register ’Victims of War, 1941–1945’. With all the limitations this registration contains, it is considered that all the data are representative due to the fact that they have been done on the largest sample of the victims registrations for this territory yet (with the data added during the revision, it contains between 60% and 64% of the assumed number of victims). As far as the territory of Vojvodina is concerned, on which 10.90% of all the Yugoslav citizens lived, the analysis shows that 44,438 persons lost their lives i. e. 6.86% of all the Yugoslav citizens who were killed. The majority of them (66.21%) were murdered, 28% were killed and 5.79% died. The majority of them were civilians (73.29%), then the members of the National liberation army of Yugoslavia (24.22%), while the number of the members of the Army of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia who had been killed was much smaller, in both the short April War (0.94%) and in POW camps (1.55%). As far as the regions are concerned, most of the people killed there were from Backa (42.27%), then Srem (40.38%), and the substantially smaller number of the people killed there were from Banat (17.35%). The national structure shows that the greatest number of victims were the Serbs (59.57%), in spite of the fact that they made 37.22% of the whole population of Vojvodina. The Jews were in the most tragic situation - with only 1.04% of citizens, they represented 25.48% of victims. The situation with the Romanies was similar – with only 0.46%, they represented 2.85% of victims. The Hungarians, who lived in Vojvodina, represented 22.43% of population and as far as the victims are concerned, they represented 3.60%. The Croatians represented 8.06% of the population of Vojvodina and 2.94% of victims. The Slovakians, with about 4% of citizens, made 1.73% of victims. Those who belonged to some other or unknown nationalities represented 3.84% of victims.

  • Issue Year: 2005
  • Issue No: 1
  • Page Range: 91-111
  • Page Count: 18
  • Language: Serbian