The role of Fieri's teachers in the education reforms of 1945-1960 Cover Image
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Mësuesit e Fierit në reformën shkollore të viteve 1945-1960
The role of Fieri's teachers in the education reforms of 1945-1960

Author(s): Jani Sota
Subject(s): History
Published by: Qendra e Studimeve Albanologjike
Keywords: Fieri's teachers ; education reforms ; 1945-1960 ; Albania; Albanian History;

Summary/Abstract: With the end of World war II, the Albanian school went through several radical transformation, which had an impact on assuring and preparing the teaching staff. During all this period, the Party on power took numerous measures for the professional preparation of a teacher, who would reach the Party's aim; the education of the new generations with its ideology. The treatment of this problem in a regional level is thought to contribute modestly to complete the general mosaic. The role of the teacher within the education process has been and still is irreplaceable. He is the one who organizes, orients and directs this process. The period between 1945-1960 represents one of the most interesting phases in the history of the Albanian education, during which numerous efforts were made, firstly for the creation of the educational staff, which as through the entire country, lacked in the region of Fier as well, and secondly for the reformation of the teachers in accordance with the policy of the communist state. The state and party authorities, did not aim only the recruiting of as many teachers as possible, but what was more important to them was that the "new" teacher should be prepared to accept and defend the policy of the new party-state. On these basis, there was work made, not only to grow the number of the teachers, but also to provide a communist education to the old and new teachers. Those were two of the principal directions of the official Albanian policy, after the war. It is worth emphasizing the efforts of the teachers of Fier, in order to recruit as many women teachers as possible. According to the time's statistics, over 50% of the teachers were women and part of them would even direct the teaching and educational work in schools. Part of the staff that contributed to the education development in the region of Fier were undeniably many teachers coming from other regions of Albania, such as Tirana, Berat, Lushnja, Gjirokastër, Vlora etc.

  • Issue Year: 2011
  • Issue No: 01-02
  • Page Range: 185-206
  • Page Count: 22
  • Language: Albanian