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Academicus International Scientific Journal
Academicus International Scientific Journal

Publishing House: Academicus
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Economy, Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 2079-3715
Online-ISSN: 2309-1088
Status: Active

  • 2010
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  • 2019
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Short Description

The International Scientific Journal, “Academicus”, a scientific publication in English language. Academicus ISJ is a non for profit journal, open access publication, leaded by an International Editorial Board, brings scientific researches and academicians in a wide arena of discussion as only few other publications of this kind are actually doing.
Conceived as a scientific journal which gives a notable space to research results, including a wide variety of fields and sciences with direct impact on the economic, social, political, legal field and communication as well, indexed in the field 1XX.XX and 3XX.XX of the UDC, Universal Decimal Classification, this journal will collect works and researches developed on the point of view and disciplinary structuring of social and applied sciences as well.
They all will have a direct impact in the improvement of socio-economic indicators of the region, enlarging step by step the definition of what is regional, starting from Western Balkan, Mediterranean and furthermore, following up the integrating processes.
The Editorial Board of this journal, consisting of outstanding names of the academic and scientific community in Europe and Overseas, by their review and critique, will indue to the works selected for publishing, the highest international scientific and publishing standards.
The journal is semi-annual, double blind peer reviewed. Its print ISSN is 2079-3715 and its electronic ISSN is 2309-1088. 

The volumes of the International Scientific Journal "Academicus" can be found at the Public Library of Vlore City as well as at the Albanian National Public Library in Tirana and the Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Albania.

The Founder and Editor in Chief of Academicus is Prof. Dr. Arta Musaraj.

Editorial board

Prof. Musaraj Arta, Entrepereneurship Training Center, (Vlore, Albania)

Academic Abazi Alajdin, South East European University (Tetovo, Macedonia)

Prof. Canullo Giuseppe, Polytechnic University of Marche (Ancona, Italy)

Prof. Carayol Valerie, University of Bordeaux (Bordeaux, France)

Prof. Invernizzi Emanuele, IULM University (Milan, Italy)

Prof. Macioti Maria Immacolata University La Sapienza (Rome, Italy)

Prof. Marsonet Michele, University of Genoa (Genoa, Italy)

Ambassador Melady Thomas Patrick, Institute of World Politics (Washington, D.C., USA)

Prof. Oeflke Ted, Sandhills Community College (North Carolina, USA)

Prof. Vlora Nedin, University of Bari (Bari, Italy)



Academicus. International Scientific Journal
pISSN 2079-3715
eISSN 2309-1088

Editor in Chief: Prof. Arta Musaraj


Sheshi i Flamurit, Rruga Muze
PO. Box 4356 Al-9401 Vlorë, Albania
Tel: +355 68 60 60 555 - Fax: +355 33 223 481


Submission guidelines

1. Title of the article (followed by subtitles if there are) (each may contain up to 120 characters)

2. Name and Surname of the author(s) including his scientific title or grade.

3. The nomination of the university, research center or other scientific entity where the author(s) work.

4. Abstract (which must contain from 150 - 200 words)

5. Keywords (from 4-7 words)

6. UDC code of the article

7. The text of the article must contain from 3000 - 6000 words and must be structured as below:

Introduction (which must contain up to 150 words)

Analysis and Results (in case the paper needs the inclusion of Methodology and Experimentation they contain from 200-250 words)


8. Bibliography and References (which must not surpass 50 titles) must meet one of the following standards: MLA, APA, CSE, Ch/T. References during the text must be followed by a progressive number with superscript at the end of the word and explanations must be placed at the end of the page in which the reference is being inserted.

9. Figures (which must be no more than 5, following the standard formats jpeg, gif, png) must have a resolution 300-600 dpi and be introduced in separate files, showing exactly the place where they will be placed, followed by the figures nomination.

10. Graphics and Schemas must be created in a vector graphic format (CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Auto Cad) in separate files, showing exactly where they will be placed, followed by the graphics or schema nomination.

11. Tables must be created in Excel format, in separate files, showing exactly where they will be placed, followed by the tables nomination.

12. Authors are asked to fill the Authors Declaration which is available at the link at the journal's website at the Authors directory.