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Revista română de dreptul mediului
Romanian Journal of Environmental Law

Publishing House: Universul Juridic
Subject(s): Law, Constitution, Jurisprudence
Frequency: 2 issues
ISSN: 1583-5197
Status: Ceased Publication

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Short Description

The Romanian Environmental Law Review was primarily issued in 2003, standing thus for a well-established review. It is a biannual publication that brings together a scientific committee made up of esteemed professors from Universities in Romania, France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Brazil, Canada. The purpose of the review is to establish a legal debate framework on the particularly ruling theme of environmental protection, thus addressing firstly to environmental law professionals, but also to practitioners and theorists in other branches of law, the environmental law being related to many of them. The Director of the review is Prof. Mircea Duţu, Ph.D., an undeniable figure in the field, President of the Ecological University of Bucharest and of the Romanian Environmental Law Association (ARDM) equally, as well as member of relevant international bodies in the field. With issue no. 1/2008, the review has set new standards in quality: it comprises articles written in English and French by foreign contributors, as well as translations into these languages of articles written in Romanian; there are brought forward domestic and foreign representative works and illustrative scientific events; also, there is kept a close check on developments in Community legislation and the EC Court of Justice case-law in the field of environmental law.