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Archiwa, Biblioteki i Muzea Kościelne
Church Archives, Libraries and Museums

Publishing House: Katolicki Uniwersytet Lubelski Jana Pawła II - Wydział Teologii
Subject(s): History, Library and Information Science, Theology and Religion
Frequency: 2 issues
Print ISSN: 0518-3766
Online-ISSN: 2545-3491
Status: Active

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Short Description

Periodical  „Archives, Libraries and Church Museums ”  started in 1959 to be affiliated to the Centre of „Archives, Libraries and Church Museums” of John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin”. The hundredth edition of the periodical has  just been released.

Priest Professor Stanisław Librowski was the founder of the magazine and its first editor-in-chief. He was  the editor-in-chief for  34 years, having edited 60 numbers of this  periodical. The subsequent editors-in-chief  were: Priest PhD Joachim Giela, Priest PhD Stanisław Tylus and Priest PhD Włodzimierz Bielak. Presently Artur Hamryszczak, univ. master is the editor-in-chief for this periodical.

The editors-in-chief for this periodical inter alia were: Ryszard Skrzyniarz, Sister Laurencja Jędrzejczak, Sister Krystyna Józefa Sobul.

The pages of the periodical serve the purposes of publishing papers and studies elaborating upon the methods applied to archival science, library science and museology. The articles presenting the history of church collections or describing  more important collection sets are also covered. Archival inventories and library catalogues of church libraries and archives are published, too. The coverage of the documentary proof regarding the history of the Catholic Church on Polish lands (canonical parish visits, brotherhood books, chapter statutes, foundations and erections of church institutions) may also be included for the purpose of the periodical. Some articles published in the ALCM are the outcome of the research conducted by historians making advantage of microfilmed church archivals, including those specifically regarding the episcopal visitations, that are kept in custody of the ALCM Centre. Besides in the recent years the pages of the periodical have served the purposes of numerous articles regarding the history of the Catholic Church on   historically Polish lands, inter alia on the Eastern Borderlands. The publications regarding the history of Polish Catholic parishes in Western Europe are also covered by the periodical. Furthermore, after microfilming the subsequent archival collection set, microfilming catalogues kept in custody the ALCM Centre are also updated and published.