COVID-19 and Decision of the Personal Data Protection Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina Cover Image

COVID-19 i Rješenje Agencije za zaštitu ličnih podataka BiH
COVID-19 and Decision of the Personal Data Protection Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Author(s): Nihad Odobašić
Subject(s): International Law, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Public Law, Health and medicine and law, EU-Legislation
Published by: Fondacija Centar za javno pravo
Keywords: BiH; public law; COVID-19; personal data protection; European Convention on Human Rights;
Summary/Abstract: At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic spread, state authorities may introduce various measures and activities to protect public health. Such an activity was undertaken by authorities at certain levels in Bosnia and Herzegovina, who publicly disclose personal data of infected persons, as well as of those who are in isolation or self-isolation. The disclosure of this information was carried out regardless of the fact that the specified persons did not violate any measures previously introduced by the authorities. Given the possible limitation of the right to the protection of personal data, the Personal Data Protection Agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina reacted. With its decision from 24. 03. 2020. the Agency banned the disclosure of such personal data, and has ordered the removal of publicly released information so far. The paper presents basic provision of the Law on personal data protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the most important international conventions that protect the right to protection of personal data. However, the focus of this paper is on examining the legality of Agency's decision, through the criteria from Article 8, paragraph 2, of the European Convention on Human Rights. The analysis in the paper concludes that the Agency has justifiably forbidden the disclosure of the personal data in question and thus properly protected the personal data of infected persons as well as of persons in isolation. The measure taken by the authorities is a measure that is not necessary in a democratic society, and it is concluded that the pursuit of the legitimate aim of protecting public health could also be achieved by a more lenient measure.

  • Page Count: 12
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Bosnian