A short guide through professional reporting on LGBT issues Cover Image

Kratki vodič kroz profesionalno izvještavanje o LGBT temama
A short guide through professional reporting on LGBT issues

Author(s): Jasmina Čaušević, Lejla Huremović
Subject(s): Gender Studies, Media studies, Communication studies, Social differentiation, Social Norms / Social Control
Published by: Sarajevo Open Centre
Keywords: professional reporting; guide; LGBT issues;
Summary/Abstract: The term sexuality is closely related to the terms sexual identity and sexual orientation. Sexual identity can be defined as a combination of one's own sexuality, sexual orientation, and public representation of sexual goals, i.e., as the way a person defines his or her own sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is commonly defined as a pattern of emotional and sexual attraction to people of the same or opposite sex. In theoretical terms, sexual orientation encompasses three dimensions: sexual behavior, emotional and erotic attraction, and sexual fantasy. People may or may not show their sexual orientation through their behavior.

  • Page Count: 32
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Language: Bosnian