On God’s humanity and man’s divinity. Parallels of creation in Mickiewicz’s lyric poetry Cover Image
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O człowieczeństwie Boga i bóstwie człowieka. Paralele kreacjonistyczne w liryce Mickiewicza
On God’s humanity and man’s divinity. Parallels of creation in Mickiewicz’s lyric poetry

Author(s): Olaf Krysowski
Subject(s): Cultural history, Studies of Literature, Polish Literature, Philology, Theory of Literature
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Keywords: creations of the figure of God; images of a man; Creator; God and man; divine and human virtue; God-man relationship; Mickiewicz’s poems; Schellingian idea of genius; Thomas à Kempis
Summary/Abstract: Looking at the creations of the figure of God in Mickiewicz’s lyric poetry, one can notice that they are closely related to the images of a man who aspires to be treated as an important, unique subject and a reflection of the Creator. In this context not only do the ways of thinking about God, the epithets that the poet attributes to Him, become interesting, but also the numerous parallelisms between Him and the man in the lyric, which allow us to look at the human individual in the perspective of creative predispositions and talents. An idea of an artistic genius plays an important role in thinking about God and man in Mickiewicz’s poems. In these poems being an artist appears to be a divine and human virtue at the same time. The artist resembles God in the manner He creates things, but the artist suffers being rejected by people. Like wise,anything that is divine such as infinite wisdom, love, goodness, was suffering in Christ who was surrounded by enmity and misunderstanding. This kind of approach to God-man relationship encourages to interpret Mickiewicz’s poems from the point of view of the Schellingian idea of genius on the one hand, and from the point of view of the attitude described by Thomas à Kempis in his work The Imitation of Christ on the other.

  • Page Range: 50-69
  • Page Count: 20
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Polish