The relevance of Engels’ text “The Development of Socialism from Utopia to Science” Cover Image
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Aktualnost Engelsovog teksta - Razvitak socijalizma od utopije do nauke
The relevance of Engels’ text “The Development of Socialism from Utopia to Science”

Author(s): Vera A. Vratuša Žunjić
Subject(s): Economic history, Political history, Social history, German Literature, Marxism, Political economy, Politics and society, Comparative politics, 19th Century, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Durieux
Keywords: utopian socialism; scientific socialism; capitalism; idealism; old and new materialism; Hegel’s dialectics; new–materialistically inverted dialectics;
Summary/Abstract: This work examines the actuality of Engels’ text The Development of Socialism from Utopia to Science in the first fifth of the twenty–first century, taking into account the historical experience acquired within the hundred and forty years after its first release in 1880. The basic method used in the preparation of this work is the analysis of the content of Engels’ writings and its contextualisation within the historical specific social economic circumstances during the time of Engels’ life and today. The main finding of this work is that actuality of Engel’s text Development of Socialism from Utopia to Science rests on the continual existence of the capitalist mode of production internal contradictions, which, according to Engels, utopian socialism overlooked, but which scientific socialism has discovered through new historical materialist and dialectical study of class conflicts throughout human history. The main contradiction between the only socially usable production forces and private appropriation of the unapid for surplus labor of non possesing productive classes on the anarchic world market by the classes who posses the means of production, has not been overcome until our days. In the world proportions there still did not happen expected realisation of the revolutionary action of the exploited class of hired workers to create conditions for the leap into the realm of freedom, that is the taking of control of freely united producers over their own product. Elements of the utopianism of Engels’ writing originate from demoralizing pressure of the devastating consequences of the capitalist production mode, which reduces the conviction of potential subjects of revolutionary class alliance in the possibility of achieving the socialist “realm of freedom”. On the other hand, the author points out in this paper that in the case that there does not come to revolutionary leap from the realm of necessity of the anarchic capitalist merchandise production into the realm of freedom through the self–conscious and self organised revolutionary activity of all exploited and opressed classes, there wil come to the self–annihilation of the planet earth through human destructive, alienated and alienating action of acumulation of capital for the sake of acumulation, long before this annihilation was prediceted by Imanuel Kant and Laplace through the natural evolution of solar system.

  • Page Range: 179-207
  • Page Count: 29
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Serbian