Democratic Accountability of the Council of The European Union After the Lisbon Treaty Cover Image

Демократична отчетност на Съвета на Европейския съюз след влизане в сила на Договора от Лисабон
Democratic Accountability of the Council of The European Union After the Lisbon Treaty

Author(s): Gergana Radoykova
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Politics, Civil Society, Public Administration, Government/Political systems, EU-Accession / EU-DEvelopment
Published by: Университет за национално и световно стопанство (УНСС)
Keywords: Accountability; Democracy; Democratic Accountability; European Union; Lisboan Treaty; EU Institutions; Council of the EU;
Summary/Abstract: This paper explores the democratic accountability in the EU after the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty. Research claims that democratic deficiencies are being observed and they trigger a discussion among academics and policymakers. Author refers to the theoretical concept about the social relation of accountability between actor – forum (Bovens, 2007) in which the actor has an obligation to explain and to justify their actions while the forum is empowered to challenge the actor and ask questions for justifications of the actions taken. Author presents main institutional and leadership functions of the EU and challenges as they conduct their assigned duties especially related to the Council, interaction with the European Parliament and the Rotating Presidency of the Council of the EU. In conclusion it is observed better information and transparency between the involved parties post-Lisbon Treaty. The author suggests, however, more dynamic and result-oriented forums for accountability on both EU and member states level.

  • Page Range: 181-190
  • Page Count: 10
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Bulgarian