Lex falcidia in the Saint Sava's Nomocanon (Zakonopravilo) Cover Image

Lex falcidia у Законоправилу (номоканону) Светог Саве
Lex falcidia in the Saint Sava's Nomocanon (Zakonopravilo)

Author(s): Stanka Stjepanović, Samir Aličić
Subject(s): History of Law, History of Religion
Published by: Правни факултет Универзитета у Источном Сарајеву
Keywords: Saint Sava;Nomocanon(Zakonopravilo);Legal terminology;Inheritance law;Lex Falcidia;
Summary/Abstract: In the Nomocanon (Zakonopravilo) of Saint Sava, the medieval Serbian legal code-book, also known as Krmčija, the entire Prochiron, the Byzan- tine legal code containing provisions of Greco-Roman (Byzantine) law, had been taken over. With Prochiron, the provisions of the Roman inheritance law on the freedom to dispose of legacies and the distribution of inheritance originating from the law of Lex Falcidia, a Roman plebiscite dating from around AD 40, were also adopted in medieval Serbia.Translating the above mentioned provisions into Serbian, instead of accepting Greek or Latin legal expressions, Saint Sava often created many new legal terms, some of which influenced the creation of modern Serbian legal terminology, such as the expression for legacy. The aim of the paper is to draw attention to the contribution of Saint Sava to the creation of legal terminology in Serbia.