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Competitiveness of Business Organization Management Factor
Competitiveness of Business Organization Management Factor

Author(s): Sorinel Mihalcea, Delia Iuliana Banica, Gabriela Boca, Oana Camelia Iacob
Subject(s): Business Economy / Management
Published by: Editura Lumen, Asociatia Lumen
Keywords: Competition; progress factor; strategies; business organization; business management; managerial experience;
Summary/Abstract: This paper provides a brief synthesis of competition as a progress factor of the business organization management implemented by the manager in order to achieve the objectives of the business organization in order to achieve profit. Regardless of the size of your business or organization, there will always be competition (higher or lower) that can be analysed in several ways. We will try to briefly address these paths. Firstly, competition can be seen in terms of the age of the business, i.e. a start-up or a company with market seniority. It is known that start-ups have countless weaknesses, mainly due to lack of recognition, managerial experience or domestic team welding, but they also have two strengths that should be exploited to the maximum. Secondly, a benefit that a new product has compared to another is that it can benefit from the customer's curiosity to test it. Curiosity, however, differs according to the risk of sacrificing its satisfaction. We live in a rather complicated world, so management cannot be simple. Management cannot provide valid universal keys, but they are good proven practices in other successful companies.

  • Page Range: 95-104
  • Page Count: 9
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English