The hypocorisms from first names in The Private Correspondence Corpus (KSK) Cover Image
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Hypokoristika z rodných jmen v Korpusu soukromé korespondence
The hypocorisms from first names in The Private Correspondence Corpus (KSK)

Author(s): Klára Osolsobě, Jana Machalová
Subject(s): Theoretical Linguistics, Sociolinguistics
Published by: Masarykova univerzita
Keywords: hypocorism; corpus; lemmatization; word-forming formant; word formation type;
Summary/Abstract: The contribution deals with hypocorism as a particular sort of anthroponyms, whose word-forming system reflects contemporary word-forming tendencies. The register of hypocorisms from The Private Correspondence Corpus (KSK) became the main source material for this research. The character of this registeris different from the material from questionnaires. The word-forming analysis of hypocorism was oriented on formalist and frequency research. Three basict endencies in forming of hypocorism were separated on the basis of an analysis– the derivation with typical diminutive suffixes, the contraction and the derivation with formants typical for hypocorism. The particular types of derivation are completed with frequency indications and there is also a comparison with hypocorism from SMS-material. The conclusion of paper deals with changes in the natural and grammatical genus and it focuses also on the group of hypocorisms with formant -i/-y.

  • Page Range: 33-60
  • Page Count: 28
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Language: Czech