Social Marketing Campaigns Carried Out
by Brand. A Case Study Cover Image

Social Marketing Campaigns Carried Out by Brand. A Case Study
Social Marketing Campaigns Carried Out by Brand. A Case Study

Author(s): Beata Tarczydło
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Economy
Published by: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Keywords: Social Marketing; Brand; Social Campaigns Under the Brand; IKEA Case Study
Summary/Abstract: Purpose: The article was motivated by the question about the role of branded social marketingcampaigns in management practice? The purpose of the qualitative research was to obtaininformation on whether and what social marketing campaigns are conducted under the Ikea brandand what results they bring. Design/methodology/approach: Literature studies, meta-analysis of available online sources, andown qualitative studies using case study, participant observation, and online content analysis werecarried out. Information search focused on the following problem areas: What social marketingcampaigns are conducted under the Ikea brand? What issues do they concern? Who carries themout, for whom, with whom? What activities are involved? What are their results? Findings: The discussion and qualitative research confirmed that the brand’s social marketingcampaigns are an important management tool in the age of sustainability practices. The articlepresents Ikea’s social marketing campaigns: “Familiarised”, “The Room”, “Next-DoorNeighbours”, “Playing is serious business”, and “Ikea at COP24”. Branded social marketingcampaigns bring multiple benefits to all stakeholders. Research/practical implications: The analysed social marketing campaigns conducted by Ikeaconcern important issues: social issues, the problem of domestic violence, creating opportunitiesfor spending time in a constructive way, caring about children’s right to develop, also throughplaying which educates, lets them grow, and brings happiness, plus environmental issues and thoserelated to sustainable management and activities. Originality/value: The conducted literature and empirical studies contribute to expandingknowledge and practical skills in the area of sustainability. Branded social marketing campaignsincrease the effectiveness of personified brand management. The need to use them is determinedby current market conditions and new management paradigms. The discussed examples mayconstitute a model for other marketers.

  • Page Range: 934-946
  • Page Count: 13
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English