„10 Years of Communist Paradise
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„Deset godina komunističkog raja" Miloš Moskovljević o Titovim pogledima na ekonomsku politiku (Dnevničke beleške 1949-1955. godine)
„10 Years of Communist Paradise" Miloš Moskovljević on Tito's Views on Economic Policy Diary Notes 1949-1955

Author(s): Momčilo Isić
Subject(s): Governance, Economic history, Political history, Economic policy, Economic development, Post-War period (1950 - 1989), History of Communism
Published by: Institut za noviju istoriju Srbije
Keywords: Miloš Moskovljević; Josip Broz Tito; Yugoslavia; economic policy; peasant cooperatives; the First Five Years Plan; peasantry; industry;
Summary/Abstract: Watching Tito's public statements concerning the state's economic policy between 1949 and 1955, Miloš Moskovljević dwelled in his Diary primarily on Tito's explanation of the clash with the USSR, on the policy of approaching the West, on the question of peasant cooperatives and on the process of industrialization. By analysing Tito's speeches in his diaries Moskovljević convincingly depicted the goal and the contents of the state's economic policy, as well as its changes first hinted at by Tito as the main actor, who was also the first and often also the only one who admitted errors in directing it. This spurred Moskovljević to conclude, having in mind his personal experience while he was part of the ruling apparatus, that only Tito and Stalin „could admit mistakes and criticize, and anyone else who would do it, was a foreign mercenary". As the proof that the state's 10-year's economic policy was unsuccessful, Moskovljević took Tito's speech about the New Economic Policy held at the session of the Executive Committe of the Socialist Union on Sunday, November 28,1955. In it he was extremely critical of the direction of the economic policy until then and of its results. However, Moskovljević was also critical here, claiming this Tito's speech was „a proof of and a monument to communist incapability" as well as that Tito hadn't reached the negative conclusions about the economic policy and the need of a New Economic Policy by himself, but that they were rather a consequence of Kardelj's trip to London.

  • Page Range: 135-151
  • Page Count: 17
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Language: Serbian