Miloš Moskovljević on the Leadership of the Peasant Alliance 1929–1941 Part two: 1935–1941 Cover Image

Милош Московљевић о вођству Савеза земљорадника 1929–1941. Други део: 1935–1941.
Miloš Moskovljević on the Leadership of the Peasant Alliance 1929–1941 Part two: 1935–1941

Author(s): Momčilo Isić
Subject(s): History
Published by: Institut za noviju istoriju Srbije
Keywords: Miloš Moskovljević; Peasant Alliance; Jovan Jovanović Pižon; Milan Gavrilović; Vlatko Maček; Peasant Democratic Coalition; Dragoljub Jovanović

Summary/Abstract: During an extremely complex period of time spanning from the death of King Aleksandar up to Yugoslavia joining the Tripartite pact, the leadership of the Peasant Alliance did not manage to establish unity, on the contrary the opposition between the left and right fractions became all the more obvious. The conciliatory attempt of Milos Moskovljević did not succeed since the leaders of the both the left and right wings remained „entrenched” in their stands on almost all important state and party matters. The peasant left fraction headed by Dragoljub Jovanović formed an independent People’s Peasant Partyat the end of this period. Instead of trying to establish unity and strengthen the party, the leadership was preoccupied with the idea that it too could at a given time, come to power. Party leaders, primarily Joca Jovanović and Milan Gavrilović, made efforts to maintain „good” relations with Prince Pavle, often by expressing ingratiating support for some of his acts. Even when negotiating with Vlatko Maček on the formation of the Block of National Agreement, they took care not to „hit” on the first regent. That many in the leadership of the Peasant Alliance were interested in coming to power can be seen in the fact that a substantial number of them became candidates on the government ticket in the fifth of May elections, which led to violent confrontations and divisions within the right fraction itself. Finally, when Branko Čubrilović joined the government of Dragiša Cvetković in 1939 and when Milan Gavrilović was appointed the diplomatic representative of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia to the USSR, the Peasant Alliance came to power as a government party.

  • Issue Year: 2013
  • Issue No: 3
  • Page Range: 11-57
  • Page Count: 47
  • Language: Serbian