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Верски идентитет савремених Cрба
Religious Identity of Contemporary Serbs

Author(s): Dušan Bandić
Subject(s): Nationalism Studies, Eastern Orthodoxy, Identity of Collectives
Published by: Етнографски институт САНУ
Keywords: religious identity; national identity; "Church" Orthodoxy; "national" Orthodoxy; "individual" Orthodoxy;
Summary/Abstract: The fundamental goal of this contribution if to construct a reference framework for an investigation of religious identity of the Serbs in the contemporary circumstances. It defines the basic concepts and formulates the theses on which the research work is based. The faith of the respondents is treated as the product of a complex communications activity, as the result o f their perception of messages received from their church, from their environment, or from their life itself, that is, from their personal experience. The assumption, therefore, being that the religious identity o f the Serbs should be contemplated on three levels — “ecclesiastic”, “national”, and “individual” — along with research of the relationships established among those levels.

  • Page Range: 13-23
  • Page Count: 11
  • Publication Year: 2003
  • Language: Serbian