Need of complex re-engineering of the tourism business in Bulgaria Cover Image

Необходимост от комплексен реинженеринг на туристическия бизнес в България
Need of complex re-engineering of the tourism business in Bulgaria

Author(s): Bozhidar Hadzhiev, Valentina Nikolova-Aleksieva, Iva Bachvarova
Subject(s): Business Economy / Management, Micro-Economics
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: tourism business; tourism industry; quality management; complex reengineering
Summary/Abstract: "Tourism business management" is a widely discussed topic, but the lack of meaningful ideas associated with this expression gradually turns it into a scientific and media cliché. This increases the likelihood of its dilution and amorphousness. Tourism has always been linked to the food industry, nutrition, transport, information and culture. But, over the last decades, they have undergone spectacular changes that naturally affect the management of the tourism business. The classical management of tourist companies no longer provides the necessary positive result. The objective construction of the management of the tourism business is complex. It is also complicated to interact with the set of different classical theories and management approaches. The main purpose of the study is to reveal the reasons for the application of complex reengineering (CR) to the tourism business. The results obtained from the management of the tourism business, based on the theory of complex reengineering, are justified. Certain opportunities have been identified to improve the tourism business through CR implementation.