Broadband business entrepreneurship as a new technology of complex re-engineering Cover Image

Широколентовото бизнес предприемачество, като нова технология на комплексния реинженеринг
Broadband business entrepreneurship as a new technology of complex re-engineering

Author(s): Bozhidar Hadzhiev
Subject(s): Business Economy / Management, Micro-Economics
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: Integrated Reengineering; Broadband Entrepreneurship; Industry 4.0; Digital Business Infrastructure; Multi-Business Business Entrepreneurship
Summary/Abstract: In the modern world, entrepreneurship is becoming increasingly widespread and affects the creation of changes in every business space, at every level in every industrial and territorial area. This is entrepreneurship driven by broadband shopping of goods and services, instant communications, negotiations, orders and deals. It is based on the ideas of Complex Reengineering (CR) theory, the three-tier model and the seven concepts of this theory. This kind of entrepreneurship is closely linked to the CR's objectives and tasks to achieve benefits for both business and society and for nature. In the context of turbulence and business digitization, the need for broadband and multi-lingual entrepreneurship to create digital business infrastructures in which active economic actors receive a new digital existence and electronic mechanisms and tools for all activities of the gaming business are growing. This kind of entrepreneurship is also necessary for every industrial sector, as the variety and speed of technologies are developing with increasing ascending function. The survey focuses on this type of entrepreneurship as a new technology for the CR. An attempt is made to focus research and business practice on the expansion of entrepreneurship through the use of the CR and the transition to industry 4.0 and the use of business technologies based on copying nature and natural processes.