Opportunities for Indirect Investment in Real Estates Cover Image

Възможности за непреки инвестиции в недвижими имоти
Opportunities for Indirect Investment in Real Estates

Author(s): Krasimira Naydenova
Subject(s): Financial Markets
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: Bulgarian stock market; Real estate investment; Real estate investments trusts; Securitization
Summary/Abstract: Real estate investments require high capital, and diversification of the portfolio - even higher. For investors with limited resources, the real estate market, in all its segments, is accessible through indirect investment, notably through the shares of the real estate investment trusts. These financial instruments provide both participation in the profits from the development and management of properties and from the increase in their prices as well as from the letting. In Bulgaria, these companies do not pay profit tax and are required to distribute 90% of it as a dividend.

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