Aspects of Speech Production at Bilingual Primary School Children Cover Image

A spontán beszéd néhány aspektusa kétnyelvű kisiskolásoknál
Aspects of Speech Production at Bilingual Primary School Children

Author(s): Krisztina Bartha
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies
Published by: Scientia
Keywords: bilingual environment; speech production; bilingual primary school children
Summary/Abstract: In a bilingual environment, two languages have effects on the child from the beginning or at a very early stage. Where parents have different mother tongues, they use both of them with the child, and so s/he becomes bilingual at an early age. Those children who learn a second language from early childhood at school or in kindergarten will also become bilingual at an early stage of life.The aim of the research is to gather information about the spontaneous speech of bilingual primary school children in Oradea and to explore the age-specific features thereof. My hypotheses are as follows: 1) There are measureable differences within the age-groups and the groups of different types of bilingualism. 2) Silence and hesitation will be the most common phenomenon of speech blockage. With age, speech errors will become more diversified. 3) In every age-group, Hungarian pupils studying in a Hungarian-language class are more likely to experience less speech errors and blockages.Testing was done with 90 students. In one of the groups, there were children from Hungarian families who studied in Hungarian classes, in another group, there were children who came from a mixed Hungarian and Romanian family, and in the third group there were children from Hungarian families who went to a Romanian school. In each group, there were 30 children. Pupils were asked to speak about a vacation experience. There was no time limit. In the texts of the children, I examined speaking time and the phenomena of speech blockage.There were measurable differences in speech length and speech errors among age-groups, but there was no significant difference between the different bilingual groups.

  • Page Range: 99-108
  • Page Count: 10
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Hungarian