Pravila from Govora - the First Source of Romanian law Cover Image

Pravila de la Govora – întâiul izvor de drept românesc
Pravila from Govora - the First Source of Romanian law

Author(s): Ion Ristea
Subject(s): History of Law
Published by: Universul Juridic
Keywords: Matei Basarab Prince; typography; collection of laws; church rules;laic law.
Summary/Abstract: “Pravila de la Govora” represents the first collection of legal-canonical and civil laws, written in Romanian and using a Cyrillic alphabet. It represents a code of laws punishing the violation of the Romanian traditions and customs; it also represents a synthesis of the byzantine law applied in the traditional Romanian area.The princeps edition of the paper has been printed in 1640 at the Govora Monastery from Valcea County. In 1884 the Romanian Academy published a second edition of this paper in Romanian, by using the Latin alphabet. The third edition, published in 2016 with the blessing of the Ramnicu Valcea Archdiocese. In fact, the launching of this paper, event to which I took part, together with other national and local personalities, in the presence of a large audience, represents the reason for which I am writing the current article.

  • Page Range: 206-208
  • Page Count: 3
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Romanian