Modelling of leisure time, tourism and recreation Cover Image
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Моделиране на свободното време, туризма и рекреацията
Modelling of leisure time, tourism and recreation

Author(s): Maya Tsoklinova
Subject(s): Economy, Sociology, Tourism
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: Factors; Modelling; Leisure activities; Tourism; Recreation; Economic life
Summary/Abstract: The main objective of the scientific report is to analyze and discuss the various factors that influence the organization of leisure time. The most important are those related to the practice of favorite activities that are opportunities for leisure utilization. Special emphasis is placed on diversity as one of the main advantages of leisure time. Research interest is focused on contemporary dynamic conditions; people increasingly pay attention to the lessons that separate them from everyday life, seeking ways to restore physical and mental performance. In the modern world, this issue is particularly relevant in view of the ongoing transformations in public thinking and perception, the emergence of new labor-related trends and the need for escape from reality.