Guidelines to Improve Planning Expenses for Facility Management Cover Image

Насоки за подобряване планирането на разходите за фасилити мениджмънт
Guidelines to Improve Planning Expenses for Facility Management

Author(s): Ivan ZHELEV
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: Икономически университет - Варна
Keywords: Expenses; Facility management; Planning
Summary/Abstract: Facility Management is an activity that is responsible for not basic processes in the organizations. This activity requires that expenditures of a certain size are planned from a certain size to support the basic processes. The understanding of the Facility Management author is presented, its characteristics and the model of management according to European standards. As well as the facility management centers and some guidelines for the planning of the necessary costs to achieve the desired level of quality of service and provide a favourable working environment. The purpose of the report’s author is to investigate some cost planning problems for Facility Management and on this basis to provide guidance for improvement in order to support the theory and the practice in this field.

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