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Na rođačkoj meti
On Cousin`S Target

Author(s): Branislava Knežić
Subject(s): Victimology, Inter-Ethnic Relations
Published by: Institut za uporedno pravo
Keywords: disintegration of SFRY; cousin`s target; mixed marriages; cousin`s victims
Summary/Abstract: This text is about victims, ordinary people, who were, in the whirlpool of SFRY disintegration war, on the target of their cousins only because they were of different ethnicity or religion. It is known that everybody loses on that target, there is no winners. One side is ruined and the other, as expected, ashamed after war sobering up. No one hits so treacherously and so violent but the one who knows us good and who is close to us. That is the reason that the wounds heals so slowly. Unscrupulous politicking and crime propagation “in the name of nation and religion” were involved in this most delicate human relations. The scientific research which are missing, could confront us with the longterm tragic consequences of broken marriages, broken and damaged cousins and in-laws relationships.

  • Page Range: 213-226
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Language: Serbian
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