„Vision“ about a world without a common vision Cover Image
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„Визия“ за свят без обща визия
„Vision“ about a world without a common vision

Author(s): Boyan Durankev
Subject(s): Business Economy / Management, Economic policy, Business Ethics
Published by: Нов български университет
Keywords: world; system; vision; European Union; neoliberalism; socialism;
Summary/Abstract: The reasons concerning the changes in the world are analysed, that have occurred without a vision for development. It has been proven that negative changes are the product of neoliberism and not of the „ real socialism ”. The neoliberal capitalism is left out in the present but the dream about it has died in the past. We are witnesses of the end of the neoliberal determination. We are in a world without a vision of the future. The possible scenarios for this option of a „ world without common vision” are indeed apocalyptic: catastrophic demographic growth; ecological disaster; constant open and covered wars between groups of countries and individual countries for resources and „living areas”, weak economic growth. The outcome of this apocalyptic scenario can be found in the design of the world „vision“. A model for transforming the European Union into self-developing system is proposed.